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Do you Like Silk?

Back when our family was smaller, EJ was in diapers still, crawling quickly, our grocery budget was remarkably different than what it is today. With fewer mouths to feed, there was, as you might imagine, more money to spend on our expensive foodie lifestyle. Even though nowadays I am loathe to make distinctions between one diet and the next, as long as it keeps you healthy is what I say, I can’t help but repeat that oft-stated, long held belief that healthful, nutritious and balanced eating is way more expensive than the ‘regular’ way. For this post, regular diet = eating with no dietary restrictions.

In my last post, I mentioned how much more difficult it is to dine anywhere when either you, your spouse or the child(ren) has dietary restrictions. One way my diet has radically changed after my Duodenal Switch: a new sensitivity to gluten and lactose. I also need to eat twice as much protein per meal than even the youngest person in our family! Indeed, weight loss surgery did more than make me thin.

Like I said, one of the bigger changes to my diet, and my life, was not in the rearranging of my guts, it was that I’d become ragingly lactose intolerant. The symptoms were all there. So I jumped ship. I stopped drinking cow’s milk and made the change to soy.

Soy milk is more expensive. I didn’t really know that before the switch. I used to wonder why it was easier to find coupons for the other milk than it was for the real thing. I guess one reason is because soy milk manufacturers have an uphill climb convincing us their product is the same or better than cow’s milk. But it’s so darn expensive, so coupons provide a much needed incentive to try and hopefully, fall in love with it. The real wish is that you fall so much in love with a Big Brand’s Something that eventually you won’t need or it won’t matter if you have a coupon for it. Your loyalty is pretty much assured.

But I’m not that kind of consumer. At least, not anymore. I’m trying to be more frugal, more practical in my spending. So yes, I ALWAYS need a coupon nowadays! Since my surgery, I have tried soy milk, Silk brand among them. I have also tried rice and almond milk. I tried getting used to lactose-free milk for awhile, too. I have my favorites. But I need a coupon for that too! In the meantime, I get my daily calcium needs from other sources. That doesn’t mean I don’t dream of a big bowl of cereal from time to time. I just have to wait for these products to go on sale. If a coupon comes along, I’ll take that too.

Drink Silk? | Enter Here To Win A FREE Coupon!

Do you buy soy milk regularly?

With or without a coupon?

Just curious.


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